In December 2020 and May 2021 Joanneke Meester is invited in the BijlmAIR studio of CBK-Zuidoost in Amsterdam. She spends a lot of time outside working where she makes interventions with materials found on the street. They are short-lived guerrilla actions in which she places the sculptures close to the place where she found the materials and looks closely at the (urban) context and how the work fits into it. This creates a series of carefully arranged temporary/performative works of art in the public space that can surprise the casual passer-by. The search for materials and working on the street ensure that Meester can explore the different neighborhoods in the Bijlmer in a playful way and offer her the opportunity to spontaneously come into contact with local residents. This leads to funny and surprising conversations about art that are intertwined with personal anecdotes about life in the Bijlmer. By posting the 48 interventions on her facebook and instagram pages she made during these months (of lockdown) an online exhibition with ‘YOU ARE not HERE’.


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