Automatic Writing, with the subtitle: to understand each other better, we could get out of the rational world. Presentation on Amsterdam Drawing (Art on paper) 2015 by Rento Brattinga galerie (with, Carel Visser, Fons Haagmans en Celine van den Boorn):are collages in which Joanneke Meester zooms in-and out on her thoughts, words and inspirations. She cuts these words and thoughts and composes them into an abstract idiom. This creates a new universal script that goes beyond language and that focuses on the space between the words and lines. Automatic Writing is trying to capture the complexities of words into images.

Joanneke Meester attended the High School of Arts, completed her Masters at the Sandberg Institute and completed a Master of Philosophy ‘Artist and world. ” After ten years of having participated in an artist collective, she has worked since 2002 on her own oeuvre. Her work is on display in public places, in (inter) national art institutions, galleries and museums such as the Centre Pompidou, Moca Shanghai and Tokyo Hara. Her recent project and block calendar I am not doing anything until I feel the need in which 365 artists responded to this statement are presented by the Dutch Central Bank.

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